It is Never Too Early To Plan

Pools are great places for family and friends to enjoy each other's company on hot summer days. Land & Water Design is dedicated to helping people have such wonderful experiences. But, for those living in these Virginia and Maryland counties: Fairfax, Prince William,; Montgomery, Carroll, Howard; and Anne Arundel counties, here is some very important information for you to understand when planning your pool's project. Essentially, these counties have very strict environmental regulations … [Read more...]

What Is A Landscape Architect?

A residential landscape architect is responsible for the overall design and development of an outdoor living space. Often confused or lumped in with landscape designers, a landscape architect is a degreed professional with expertise in site analysis and design development, whose role it is to ensure both functionality and beauty in the finished product. What’s the Difference Between A Landscape Architect and A Landscape Designer? While anyone may refer to himself or herself as a landscape … [Read more...]

Going With the Flow

A Homeowner Shows Off Their Liquid Assets: Backyard Waterfalls That Provide Serenity By Gabriele McCormick Altered States In 1998, Ron and Lynne Bergman, owners of a company specializing in large-scale renovations after natural disasters, bought a house in Potomac on two heavily wooded acres. A few years later they installed a pond behind the home, but “I was really after the ‘wow’ factor,” Ron Bergman says, and the pond didn’t cut it. So, three years ago the Bergmans hired landscape architect … [Read more...]

Want A Pool Next Summer?

Plan During the Fall/Winter Months! Deciding on a pool?  Thinking about swimming on a hot summer day?  Wanting to have an outdoor pool party with family and friends?  If so, then now is the time to start making it a reality.  The next few paragraphs will lead you through the process, which can be more complicated than simply digging a hole and filling it with water.  Bringing your project to fruition will take time and the fall/winter months are ideal for getting a lot of steps accomplished in … [Read more...]

Looking for a Backyard Oasis?

Dive Into A Custom Crafted Pool! If you think high-end dream pools with waterfalls and custom landscaping are found only in the backyards of movie stars, think again. With today’s technology and virtual 3-D design software, pool builders can design a high-end luxury pool that transforms the landscape of any homeowner into a spectacular dream get-away. Unlike pools of the past that were used strictly for swimming during the summer months, today’s pools are an extension of living space. Families … [Read more...]